Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cats Online

If Cats were on-line:

Cute Human Pictures - 30%

Baby Humans, cute or what? - 20%

Letting your Human go outside (10%):

      No  - They might never come back
             - Not there to feed and scratch you
      Yes - Not interrupting your nap...
             - They seem so refreshed when they come back in
             - They might have food with them

Catnip (10%):
      - Is too much just/not enough?
      - I can quit whenever I want to

Humans (10%):
      - Do we really own them, or
      - Do they actually own us?

Finding new Hiding Places so your Humans will really know who's in charge (10%)

How long to wait before changing your Favorite Foods/Places to Sleep/Toys (10%)

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