Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Went Down, Down, Down

Just got back from a nice weekend at Rowe. Had a really nice bike ride for part of the way home. Annie dropped me off on RT 100 in Southern Vermont, and I rode down into Jacksonville, and then South on RT 112 (which runs through a very narrow river valley) all the way down into Colrain, MA. From there, I turned left onto the Greenfield Road and on up the very BIG hill. The road continues through some beautiful Orchard Country and ends at RT 2. I went East on RT 2 until just before the very steep downhill into Greenfield. Then it was time to put the bike on the rack, and head home. Still quite a treat!
It was only 21 miles, but it made having to leave and go home much more bearable. The big hill was actually Colrain Mountain. The road elevation rises about 600 feet in a mile and a half, which is just as steep as some Mountain Passes I've gone over out West.

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