Monday, March 25, 2013

Die, Evil Toaster Oven...


One of the worst chores involved in getting ready for Passover is cleaning a Toaster Oven. I'm sure there may be very observant people who say it's impossible, but I think it can be done. Crumbs may be chometz, but once they're charcoal, they're not. However, in the case of this particular Toaster Oven, I am gladly getting rid of it. (Click on any picture to see larger version.)

I used to jokingly say, "Promise her anything, but get her Black & Decker," which was a play on an old perfume ad. This was back when Black & Decker only made power tools. Now they're making small household appliances, as well. Unfortunately, this particular appliance has been an evil presence in our house since the day we bought it. The timer mechanism has never worked, and it has charred more bread & baked goods than I can recount. It is with real pleasure that I am putting it in the trash (if I had a baseball bat, I'd probably be whacking it to pieces first), and looking forward to getting a new one that works properly.

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