Saturday, October 26, 2013

Back To Cat Swamp

Went for a long walk at the Ward Reservation in Andover, MA:

Rocks showing in roots of an overturned Tree.
A strangely contorted Tree.
Close-up of strangely contorted Tree.
Very large Stone showing in roots of an overturned Tree.
Walkway across Swamp.
Large rock outcropping by edge of Swamp.
Attempting to show the Dam from below.
Grass and moss growing on log appearing to float in Swamp.
Another fallen Tree with a large Rock clutched in its roots.
Closer-up -- kind of looks like a face.
Green grow the Rushes, O!
Still walking through the Rushes, O.
Close-up of large rock in the roots of an overturned Tree.
Large Rock caught in the roots of an overturned Tree.

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