Monday, October 20, 2014

A Mini-Tour of Concord

Ken Baker, an old friend from College, came up for a short visit. He'd never been to Walden Pond, so we went there. According to the Park Ranger at the Thoreau House recreation,

when Henry D. lived there, Walden was actually in "the bad part of Town".  It is funny to think of Concord, MA, as having a "Bad Neighborhood".  We had a nice walk around the Pond,

then went to see the 'Old North Bridge', which is actually the fifth span to be put up on that site since the Revolution.
Then we had lunch at the 'New London Style Pizza' shop. I am from New London, and never knew that we had our own style of Pizza.

On the way back to his car, I stopped to show Ken the 'Paul Revere Capture' site on RT 2A.

  Right next to it was an amazing Maple tree in full Foliage:


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