Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last Outdoor Swim

Last Outdoor Swim of the Season! Woo-Hoo, it was cold! Walden Pond, 10/29/2014!
It's not that easy to take a Selfie when there's no handy mirror, and you're freezing:

Although, I do like this Mad Scientist look - would go like this for Halloween, but it might be difficult to bring Walden Pond with me....

(From the Book of Faces:)
S. Schultz: Clearly, you're mad if you swim in Walden Pond in November!
Me: That's why I cleverly snuck in that last swim while it was still October! Bwahahahah!
M.J.D. Maichack: You get the chilly swim medal.
S. Schultz I thought maybe you had to wait for the entire beach to be clear of people before you would take your shirt off!
Me: Actually was wearing a 'swim shirt' during the Summer to avoid getting sunburnt. Last time was mid-September, when I swam across Harriman Reservoir in Vermont. Wore it mostly for visibility (sometimes there's a lot of boats pulling water skiers), rather than to block the sun, though.

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