Sunday, April 10, 2011

Under Your Own Steam

Run Or Bike Across The USA

 Wednesday, April 13, 2011   6:30pm until 8:00pm

Forget the combustion engine; use your internal engine to travel across the country. Join our panel of speakers as they describe their experiences using their own power to journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Discuss tips on suggested routes, what to pack and how to carry it, and how to plan for a trip.

[Panelists included a woman who ran part of the way across the country, a man who walked a good way around it, plus me:]

"Mike Cohen is a big fan of unsupported bike touring. He's done solo tours in England, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, and France; and with a friend, ridden around the South Island of New Zealand. In addition, Mike has ridden solo from Seattle to Boston three times, camping the whole way. Mike’s first tour was after recovering from Cancer in 1992, the next two were inspired by his nostalgia for the wide-open spaces out West. On his travels, Mike has traversed (i.e., completely crossed from one side to the other) by bicycle a number of large cities, including Albany, Amsterdam, Boston, Christchurch, London, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Spokane, and Worcester. Mike has been member of Hostelling International, the Charles River Wheelmen, and the MassBike Coalition. To learn more about Mike’s most recent cross-country trip, visit his blog Seattle2Boston."

(From the Book of Faces, late March, 2012 - Thanks, Hostelling Int'l - Boston.)