Friday, November 25, 2011

Beach Friday vs. Black Friday

It was a very nice day here, so we went up to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. It was great to walk along on the wide expanse of sand, watching the hard-core New England surfers out in the waves, and all the happy dogs romping around and chasing tennis balls. We had cod cheeks and fish chowder (both really good) at Charlie's Kitchen, a little family-run place nearby. Then we drove through Rockport to the state park at Halibut Point, and walked along the very rocky shore there.

I'll take Beach Friday over Black Friday anytime.

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Like Arion Laikos

Yes, I like Arion Laikos 2, the Internet Radio Station. All they play is Greek Folk and Pop Music, and it is very relaxing. The Pop Songs sound better in Greek than they do in English, and are way less annoying. Plus, there are no commercials or interruptions. Every once in a while, the Barry White of Greece quietly intones "Arion Laikos", and that's it!

(From the Book of Faces, November 7, 2011)