Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Whaling Museum

Went to the Whaling Museum in New Bedford. Lots of cool stuff, like the 1/2 scale model of a Whaling Ship (i.e. the World's largest ship model), and the Skeletons hanging from the ceiling, like this one from a Blue Whale (Click on any photo to see larger size):

(Funky Pacific Island-inspired metal sculpture)

(Bow view of a Whaleboat--actual size)


(Sperm Whale skeleton)

(Sperm Whale skeleton next to actual size Whaleboat)

(Sperm Whale skeleton from the Right rear)
(World's largest ship model [1/2-scale] -- a typical Whaling Ship

(Scrimshaw--carvings on Whale's teeth and bones)
(Pie-cutters carved from Whalebone)

(Lower Jaw of a Sperm Whale)

(Blue Whale skeleton from the side)

(Lower Jaw of a Sperm Whale, looking down)

(Skeleton of Mother Whale and Calf)

(Mother Whale skeleton from the side)

(Baby Whale skeleton)

(Lower Jaw of a Sperm Whale, from below)