Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Outdoor Swim of 2011

Sunday, October 9th - Biked out to Concord for one last outdoor swim at Walden Pond. The top two inches of water were nice and warm from the sun, but underneath it was cold! So cold I couldn't get myself all the way in at first. Had to say the Sh'ma prayer before I could convince myselft to dive in, and then swim along the bottom. It's always even colder down there, so when I come back up to the surface, it doesn't seem as bad. Did a full mile plus a little extra.

Comment by Alex Jacobowitz: Great! I'm glad you've resurfaced after so much time submerged! I always wanted to visit Walden. I don't suppose you've read much about it, have you? Good to know you said the Sh'ma! I'll be in Berlin for Sukkot tomorrow night. You?

(From the Book of Faces, October 10, 2011)