Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Back from the Brink

...of insignificance? For the past five years, this Blog has lain dormant. Way back in late 2015, I was working at Paychex in Wilmington, MA. It was a mind-numbing job, and there were long stretches of absolutely nothing to do. One day, while trying to look busy, I decided to update my passwords, including the one for this Blog. Unfortunately, I used a poor recovery phone # (i.e., from work), and then promptly forgot not only the new password, but the login email as well. (Yes, it was that mind-numbing a place.) 

Since then, I've been badgering Google to let me reset the password to a wrong email address, for which I had no valid recovery phone number. Only by accident, did I finally try the right email address, for which I had a valid, just-updated password. So we're back, but does it matter?

In the meantime, have Blogs become irrelevant? Does anyone still follow and read them? Is this like saying, "Hey, I just recovered my MySpace account! Wanna take a look?"  Well, I will just have to wait and see....

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Lecture on Jane Franklin

Not exactly breaking news, but on Thursday night, we went to the Old South Meeting House in Boston. We heard Harvard Professor and Author, Jill Lepore give a presentation on Jane Franklin, Benjamin Franklin's forgotten sister. The two Franklins were born in a house across the street from the Meeting House in the early 1700's, and although Ben was six years older, he and Jane were like twins. He taught her to read, and they corresponded throughout their lives.

I was bad, and took some flash photos before the lecture (sorry they came out so badly).