Sunday, October 28, 2012

Indian Summer

Since it is such a rainy day today, with the weather only expected to get worse, I thought I'd post some true Indian Summer pics from a recent jaunt up to York and York Beach, ME. (Click on any photo to see larger versions.)

Causeway to the Steadman Island Preserve.

The famous "Wiggily Bridge" at the end of the Causeway, close up (not my photo). It's a mini-suspension bridge that is not anchored at the ends.

Looking past tidal flats up the York River.

Barrel Mill Pond (Tidal).

The Cliff Walk along the shore (Photo by hiddeninthecity.)

Indian Summer, cont.

After the Cliff Walk, I drove up through York Beach to Cape Neddick to see the historic Lighthouse. (Click on any photo to see larger versions.)

Cape Neddick Lighthouse, AKA the "Nubble Light".

The boxy white thing on the left is a tiny electric cablecar used to go back and forth to the Island.

More Cape Neddick.
The people sitting in this car were wondering why I wanted to take their picture. Notice the immature Seagull standing on the exact center of their roof rack.

Heading home on Rte. 1A. Somebody takes Halloween very seriously....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Talking Whale

Beluga Whale named Noc mimics human speech:

When the New England Aquarium in Boston had an open seal tank in front, there was a harbor seal named Hoover that could talk. He sounded just like an old homeless guy--guess that's who had the patience to sit and talk to a seal. Heard him talk a number of times, it was pretty amazing.

Monday, October 22, 2012


For people who are busy inside, or are in another part of the Country:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Outdoor Swim of 2012

Probably the last outdoor swim for the year. Biked out through Lexington and Concord to Walden Pond, and went for a half mile swim. Woo-hoo, it was cold! It's nice, though, that they bring busloads of Tourists out to peep at the leaves, not to mention gawking at us crazy New Englanders who are still swimming outside in late October.