Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday Bike Ride

Yesterday, I met my friend Linda at the Centerville School in Beverly, and we went for a "Super Bowl Sunday bike ride". Because the Game was on late, Essex County wasn't as creepily deserted as when the Patriots play in the afternoon. On those Sundays, there's absolutely no traffic, and it seems like we're the only ones outside. It was a nice ride for the first 20 miles, then it started raining heavily. We made our way back from North Andover, taking a more direct route through Boxford, Danvers, and Topsfield, but still managed to do 37 miles total. Not bad for February, and the third bike ride of the year.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Very Hungry Caterpillar

It's too bad these don't come in Adult sizes (i.e., XXL). I could definitely use a new mummy bag, and this would be perfect for sleeping out in the woods on long bike trips. And nobody would bother me if they thought I was a giant insect larva....

(, photo by Jenni B.)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spring Fashion Prediction

My Men's fashion prediction for Spring 2014: "Pixel Pants" - shorts with a pixelated pattern that will make it look as though you're actually naked from the waist down, especially in photos:

And the reviews are in:

"Every time someone takes your picture, it'll look like your nads had to be blocked out." - eXquire

"Heh, heh, they said naked from the waist down!" - Beavis and Buttwear...

"We love it! Just l-o-v-e it!" - Guns and Camo

"If it becomes popular, it could be a trend." - Vague

"Hombres sin pantalones? Dios Mio!" - Marta Stuarto
"Men without pants? OMG!" - Okra Palfrey