Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Back from the Brink

...of insignificance? For the past five years, this Blog has lain dormant. Way back in late 2015, I was working at Paychex in Wilmington, MA. It was a mind-numbing job, and there were long stretches of absolutely nothing to do. One day, while trying to look busy, I decided to update my passwords, including the one for this Blog. Unfortunately, I used a poor recovery phone # (i.e., from work), and then promptly forgot not only the new password, but the login email as well. (Yes, it was that mind-numbing a place.) 

Since then, I've been badgering Google to let me reset the password to a wrong email address, for which I had no valid recovery phone number. Only by accident, did I finally try the right email address, for which I had a valid, just-updated password. So we're back, but does it matter?

In the meantime, have Blogs become irrelevant? Does anyone still follow and read them? Is this like saying, "Hey, I just recovered my MySpace account! Wanna take a look?"  Well, I will just have to wait and see....