Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Words We Need in English

Here are three things that nobody (as far as I know) has a word for yet, but should:

a) the Person who, no matter how bad things are, can always make it worse; or when something is almost settled, says the one thing that gets everyone going again,

b) an Artistic Performance that is more enjoyable for the people who are doing it, than for the people who have to watch it, and

c) a Movie that is so bad, it actually takes you longer to describe everything that is wrong with it, than it would take for your friends to see for themselves.

Here are two useful words coined by Lizzie Skurnick: Palbatross (pal-ba-tross), "the friend of a good friend, whom you don't actually like or get along with, but have to put up with"; and Stincubus (stinc-u-bus), "the source of, or causative agent behind, a demonically-persistent bad odor".

Finally, if one Helen is "enough beauty to cause the launching of 1,000 ships", and a milliHelen is "enough beauty to cause the launching of 1 ship", it follows that a microHelen would be "just enough beauty to cause the launching of a small boat".

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