Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dump The Tea!

Monday, December 16th, was the 240th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Annie and I went downtown for the Reenactment. First was the meeting of "The Body of the Public" at the Old South Church, then the march to the Waterfront, and then the boarding of the Replica Ship and the dumping of Ye chests of tea in Ye Harbor. We got to sit on very authentic aluminum bleachers and watch from the other side of the Fort Point Channel (and yes, it was wicked cold down there.) 
Each attendee of the Meeting part had a slip of paper in their program which assigned them a character. To create the appearance that the Public at Large was participating in the meeting (and to kill time until the "Indians" were ready), we were encouraged to read aloud our Character's words. 

Samples include: "I am a Weaver. While my business has benefited from the Patriot boycott, others have not been so fortunate, We must not let politics continue to hurt the economy of this great town." And, "My name is Samuel Hale. We are all Englishmen who must obey the laws of King George. How long must we live in fear for our safety? This violence must stop and order must be restored!"

The whole time they were going back and forth about refusing the Tea, or landing the Tea, I was hoping for someone to get up and say, "This tea we speake of was brought from India, halfway around the World, at what coste in energy, and what coste to ye environment? Why do we not seek to drinke local? Simply brew a tisane from the leaves of the very plante ye grow to make your rope, and you will be happy to pay a tax, so that it might be safe and legal." But, alas, no Colonial Bro came forth. (Note: Pictures by Michael Blanchard and/or Tea Party Museum.)

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