Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spring Fashion Prediction

My Men's fashion prediction for Spring 2014: "Pixel Pants" - shorts with a pixelated pattern that will make it look as though you're actually naked from the waist down, especially in photos:

And the reviews are in:

"Every time someone takes your picture, it'll look like your nads had to be blocked out." - eXquire

"Heh, heh, they said naked from the waist down!" - Beavis and Buttwear...

"We love it! Just l-o-v-e it!" - Guns and Camo

"If it becomes popular, it could be a trend." - Vague

"Hombres sin pantalones? Dios Mio!" - Marta Stuarto
"Men without pants? OMG!" - Okra Palfrey

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